Definition of chordate in English:



  • An animal of the large phylum Chordata, comprising the vertebrates together with the sea squirts and lancelets.

    • ‘The zooplankton include chordate jellyfishes known as ‘salps,’ which are among the fastest-growing multicellular organisms on the planet.’
    • ‘As an initial matter, the echinoderms and chordate phyla have been arranged in almost every possible phylogenetic order.’
    • ‘Arthropods, chordates and annelids are the three segmented phyla in the animal kingdom.’
    • ‘Into the early 1990s most researchers and evidence suggested that the deuterostomes were composed of chordates, hemichordates, echinoderms, chaetognaths, and lophophorates.’
    • ‘Notochords are the axial skeleton of invertebrate chordates (cephalochordates, appendicularians, and tadpole larvae of ascidians), of agnathan fish, and of amphibian tadpoles.’


  • Relating to or denoting chordates.

    • ‘The timing of expansion coincides with proposed large-scale duplication event in the chordate lineage.’
    • ‘Surely a more penetrating expedition into invertebrate diversity was required to dig up the precursors of the chordate characteristics.’
    • ‘Scenarios of pituitary evolution traditionally focused on the base of the chordates consistent with the exclusively chordate nature of the pituitary structure.’
    • ‘In similar reciprocal comparisons assuming minimum evolution, the arthropod map is united with the chordate map by three transformations.’
    • ‘They are small fish-like organisms in which the chordate characters are retained in the adult.’