Definition of chopping block in English:

chopping block


  • 1A block for chopping wood or food.

    • ‘Here, there were no rules to follow, no orders to carry out, just the simple feel of an ax in his hand, striking hard against the chopping block.’
    • ‘As one juror remarked, this space, with its stone walls, beamed ceiling, and antique maple chopping block, brings a South American estancia to mind.’
    • ‘You can add specialized covers and ledges for other tasks (such as a chopping block that fits over one side).’
    • ‘Luke looked up and seeing Marie, lodged the axe in the chopping block and went to her.’
    • ‘The island is topped with a chopping block, making it suitable for meal prep or as a dining surface for informal meals.’
    • ‘For the island top, I ordered a 3 by 5-foot chopping block of sustainably harvested Oregon madrone from a supply store in Portland.’
    • ‘To complete the look add a solid beech chopping block and a new ceramic sink.’
    • ‘To cut wood, use the contact method taught by the Boy Scouts: lay the edge of the hatchet or ax on the end of the wood, parallel to the grain, then strike them against your chopping block.’
    • ‘Here's an easy way to peel the parchment skin from garlic: Place the clove on a chopping block and slice off the root end.’
    • ‘I dumped a load of chopped wood on the pile and returned to the chopping block.’
    • ‘There was a fire pit and a chopping block a little ways from the tent.’
    • ‘This leaves the chopping block as his best seating option even though it is a little lower and thus less comfortable than a proper chair.’
    • ‘Most fascinating was Radja's knife technique - she sliced everything in her hand, not on a chopping block.’
    • ‘Before a term begins, new towels replace old ones and the outer layer of a chopping block is planed down.’
    • ‘With a resounding thud, Hoss set the block of seasoned cedar up on the big chopping block.’
    • ‘This look was mirrored by the checkerboard effect of the chopping block, built into the Pierta Condosa countertop.’
    • ‘The Circus Tavern is a two-room establishment with a bar the size of a butcher's chopping block.’
    • ‘Hagstock is local dialect for a wooden chopping block for cutting firewood on.’
    • ‘All you really need is a couple of pans, a frying pan, a roasting tray, a couple of chopping blocks and a few decent knives.’
    • ‘Brian laughed, put the can away, then carried on scrubbing and hosing down his chopping block.’
    1. 1.1historical An executioner's block.
      • ‘The Royal Armouries in the Tower housed several things of interest, including lots of guns, an actual chopping block and blade used to execute prisoners, and the armour of Henry VII.’
      • ‘I was only in London for four days when I was eleven, and didn't think much of standing next to the chopping block where Henry VIII had a couple of his wives beheaded.’
      • ‘Brave adventurers were journeying from these shores to chart a flat world, currying favour with the trigger-happy monarch as they fought to keep their heads from the chopping block.’
      • ‘The chosen play, ‘Enter A Queen’ involved a production company rehearsing the story of Anne Boleyn headed for the chopping block.’
      • ‘The historic invisibility of many of the book's subjects owes much to the repression originally visited upon them: the violence of the stake, the chopping block, the gallows, and the shackles of a ship's dark hold.’


  • on the chopping block

    • Likely to be abolished or drastically reduced.

      ‘the $1.6 billion we spend each year on transportation subsidies is on the chopping block’
      • ‘But suggestions in recent weeks by the Health Minister that complementary therapies may also be on the chopping block may not be met with such calm compliance.’
      • ‘But even this understates the costs, because many state taxes, tied to federal policies, also have been placed on the chopping block.’
      • ‘Due to provincial cuts to their budget, the Fraser Health Authority has had to put home care on the chopping block, with other regions to follow.’
      • ‘Parents of children who attend Westover and Ridgeway Annex say they're shocked their kids' schools are on the chopping block in North Vancouver.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, no president in recent times has declared an ambition to slaughter as many sacred cows: immigration, social security, tort reform and the tax code are all on the chopping block.’
      • ‘Other poverty programs, such as public housing, are also on the chopping block.’
      • ‘Otherwise, the powers that be will know who's not paying attention and important youth policy initiatives will be the first on the chopping block.’
      • ‘However, due to a huge deficit in the state's budget, there is reason to fear that legislators will put financial aid awards for college students on the chopping block.’
      • ‘With the Provincial Government of the day preaching more centralization, an office like that in a small community was definitely on the chopping block.’
      • ‘Funding for national parks and clean water is on the chopping block.’