Definition of choof in English:



  • no object, with adverbial of direction Go or move in a specified direction.

    ‘I used to drink beer at home with Dad before he choofed off’
    • ‘I can remember things that happened when I was little, like when a steam train came down the middle of our street and my family got on board and we choofed away to a holiday village in the Swiss Alps.’
    • ‘He choofs off to work every morning and brings home the bread and I stay home and do housewifey things.’
    • ‘Dan and I choofed off down to the winery and ran through the latest reds and whites sitting on oak.’
    • ‘Then we choofed off from the little town of Adaminaby and set off for the Snowy Mountains themselves.’
    • ‘So weren't we happy when not long after choofing out of Beijing on the Trans Mongolian, we happened to notice a large and pretty looking wall in the hills.’


1940s: form of chuff, used figuratively.