Definition of chondrule in English:



  • A spheroidal mineral grain present in large numbers in some stony meteorites.

    • ‘From the many color illustrations of meteorites in thin section, the author draws a number of personal conclusions about the origin of chondrules, citing their mineralogy and morphology.’
    • ‘Late-forming chondrules in meteorites are thus the last souvenirs of the process that formed our planetary system.’
    • ‘Henry Clifton Sorby, a nineteenth-century meteorite enthusiast, described chondrules as ‘droplets of fiery rain.’’
    • ‘Most chondrites are characterized by small spherical globules of silicate, known as chondrules.’
    • ‘Most are stony, and of these the majority consist of chondrules, which are globules of silicate minerals, embedded in a finer-grained matrix.’


Late 19th century: from chondrite + -ule.