Definition of chomp in English:



  • Munch or chew noisily or vigorously.

    ‘she chomped on a roll’
    • ‘The boss man loosened the knot on his tie and angrily chomped on his Havana cigar.’
    • ‘Whereas the foxes chomped and swallowed each morsel rapidly and completely, the cat mincingly removed all the choice bits of flesh from the bone and then discarded the rest, moving on to pillage another piece.’
    • ‘A Titan Triggerfish chomps at some hard coral, as other fish gawp at us curiously or dart away.’
    • ‘Have you ever sat opposite somebody at a meal who chomps their food?’
    • ‘He picked up one of his own French fries and chomped on it.’
    • ‘It did make me smile as I chomped on a pork pie washed down with cava.’
    • ‘I forked up some pasta and chomped on it hungrily.’
    • ‘But he was not in a talkative mood and chomped his way grumpily through the meal, responding with grunts and monosyllables to all attempts to engage him in conversation.’
    • ‘After leaping about 4ft into the air, the cat brought the dragonfly down a final time, lifted it in his paws and chomped on its green and black tail.’
    • ‘They will be chomping on chicken drumsticks and hamburgers and walking around everywhere.’
    • ‘I moodily chomped on my buttered toast and took sips of my orange juice.’
    • ‘She ate her salad neatly while I chomped on some fries.’
    • ‘Many readers will at this stage not be able to read this column as they will be scrunching up their fists, biting their nails, gnashing their teeth and chomping furiously on all forms of chewing gum!’
    • ‘I caught him after his autograph session, as he chomped on a hot dog, rapped with passing fans and friends, and accepted two gift baseball caps, which he wore simultaneously.’
    • ‘I chomped on my croissant as I heard Andrew complain for something like the fourteenth time.’
    • ‘Pests - pick off the red lily beetle and squash it before it chomps your lilies.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely sure why; I thought something was chomping the roots so I took them outside, dug them up and gave them a ‘sheep dip’ in soapy water which should kill off most things.’
    • ‘The sauce was a little lame, but I could have chomped on the squid all afternoon.’
    • ‘She left the TV on the sports channel as she reached over to the coffee table, grabbed the half eaten chocolate bar and chomped on it.’
    • ‘Sophia wrinkled her nose and looked out the window while Jane angrily chomped on her sandwich.’
    consume, devour, ingest, partake of, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, wolf, wolf down, cram down, finish, finish off
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  • A chewing noise or action.

    • ‘Colorful bands on a butterfly's wing provide camouflage among leaves and flowers, of course, but they can also divert a predator's eye toward the butterfly's tail, where a little bite won't matter as much as a chomp on the head.’
    • ‘Joe took a chomp out of a hamburger.’
    • ‘‘Thank you, ma'am,’ I say, taking a chomp out of a cookie.’
    • ‘I had half-heartedly tried growing tomatoes once before in Charleston and knew that these evil pests loved to take a chomp out of a just-ripe tomato.’


  • chomp at the bit

    • see "champ at the bit" at champ
      • ‘As Mercury prepares to move out of retrograde, you're chomping at the bit, eager for a big change.’
      • ‘Interesting as all this is, Johnson is obviously chomping at the bit to get to artists who typically did what he does, which is to paint in oils on canvas (or later, on paper with watercolors).’
      • ‘And with some tasty pre-season clashes against the likes of Bolton Wanderers, Preston North End and Bradford City on the cards it's easy to see why the 25-year-old is chomping at the bit.’
      • ‘I'm currently in a small, mainly civilian office in D.C., chomping at the bit to get back in a cockpit.’
      • ‘Wharton had been chomping at the bit to face his young rival and said: ‘I've heard loads from them about how he would beat me.’’
      • ‘By the afternoon of the next day, however, I was a lot better, and by the time we were ready to be discharged, I was chomping at the bit to go.’
      • ‘Just over a month after finishing the last campaign, less than a month away from the new season and Waterford United captain John Frost is, literally, chomping at the bit for the start of this latest adventure.’
      • ‘‘I was really chomping at the bit to get back to work,’ she says.’
      • ‘They are, and they're chomping at the bit to be here.’
      • ‘No one was hurt in yesterday's Bastille Day incident, but French police are chomping at the bit to talk to that gunman.’


Mid 17th century: imitative.