Definition of choleraic in English:



  • Infected with cholera.

    • ‘Indicator strains of cholerae bacillus for the detection and primary identification of choleraic bacteriophages’
    • ‘The committee came down firmly in favour of ‘the supposition that the choleraic infection multiplies rather in air than in water.’’
    • ‘Folkloric and Ayurvedic writings are replete with accounts of the efficacy of the coconut for many ailments from the cure of wounds, bums, ulcers, lice infestations to dissolution of kidney stones and treatment of choleraic dysenteries.’
    • ‘He was not able to obtain such a pure culture, but did try to infect animals with choleraic material.’
    • ‘The whole of the wards of the London Homœopathic Hospital were devoted to the treatment of the epidemic, and 64 cases of cholera and 331 of choleraic and simple diarrhœa were treated.’