Definition of cholent in English:



mass noun
  • A Jewish Sabbath dish of slowly baked meat and vegetables, prepared on a Friday and cooked overnight.

    • ‘Now be off with your ideas of sensational matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, cholent and lox.’
    • ‘Today, new businesses could sell tofu, miso, felafel, soy burgers, and vegetarian cholent (Sabbath hot dish).’
    • ‘Remember the most fitting epigram on a hearty Sabbath dinner of cholent, first spoken by the brother of my grandfather's second wife: ‘That was delicious.’’
    • ‘It was therefore the food of the Ashkenazi - chopped liver and gefilte fish, salt beef and latkes, cholent and borscht - which predominated there for many years.’
    • ‘The basic traditional cholent is meat, potatoes, barley, and beans.’


From Yiddish tsholnt.