Definition of chokra in English:



  • (in South Asia) a boy, especially one employed as a servant.

    • ‘But this chokra has now become the king of the industry.’
    • ‘At the foot of the veranda a chokra lay on his back in the sun, pulling the punkah rope with his heel and shading his face with a broad strip of banana leaf.’
    • ‘They were not so free as the chokras, since a different measure was used between a girl and a boy.’
    • ‘So the bands started to play, the men were loaded into the bullock carts and off we went with the little chokras running along beside.’
    • ‘And so, when one of our own, brown-skinned, desi chokras or chokris actually hits the big money button in Hollywood, they can't stand it.’
    • ‘The scene remains the same outside the ST bus stands at Shivajinagar and Pune Station where hired chokras pounce upon outward bound passengers before they can enter the ST stand.’
    attendant, retainer
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From Hindi chokrā.