Definition of choke point in English:

choke point


North American
  • A point of congestion or blockage.

    ‘the tunnel is a choke point at rush hour’
    • ‘If Holdaway is right, the rats had accidentally landed on a choke point of the ecosystem, causing a ripple effect that went far beyond the destruction of seabirds.’
    • ‘Here is the vulnerable choke point of the country some 15 miles from the sea, less than 20 minutes’ drive away.’
    • ‘Its location at the southern tip of Africa gives South Africa a strategic position at a major choke point in the Cape Sea Route linking the Indian and South Atlantic oceans.’
    • ‘The final mile into the consumer's home is the second choke point.’
    • ‘To our knowledge, this is the first clinical study to investigate the management of airway stenosis focusing on the choke point as the primary site for the accurate placement of stents in humans.’
    • ‘Goria was their vision of an impenetrable fortress, and with the asteroids surrounding Goria, the Corridor of Ragnorak was essentially a choke point for the Empire.’
    • ‘The second choke point was a set of bridges crossing the Euphrates River, which was called Objective Peaches.’
    • ‘This is not an issue, requiring only a a connection to a public server, kitting up and rushing to the nearest choke point.’
    • ‘According to the wave-speed theory, we considered that the location of the choke point might have a close relationship to the presence of the cartilage.’
    • ‘The first was old-fashioned telephony - the telephone business was the choke point of Internet technology.’
    • ‘He can zoom in on Baltimore and find the choke point for trucking warehouses.’
    • ‘We succeeded in localizing the site of the choke point and defining the nature of the stenosis, i.e., whether due to fixed narrowing by tumor compression or to dynamic collapse by weakened cartilages.’
    • ‘And all other things aside, it's nice for a superpower to have some troops on the ground at the choke point of the world's oil supply.’
    • ‘I expected trouble, and doorways, a natural choke point, are always dangerous.’
    • ‘It guarded a choke point that was extremely important to the defense of all the nations of the world from the monsters in the hell-land to the east.’
    • ‘As an added bonus, it's a great choke point for the oil and gas flow into China.’
    • ‘The key choke point is in the number of mutual funds, which themselves hold about 20% of all the stock in the major markets.’
    • ‘If labor can defend this stronghold at a key choke point in the world economy, it will show that workers have the power to resist the gang of transnational corporations that have been attacking them everywhere.’
    • ‘Technology and threats change too quickly for even the most dedicated and determined officials to keep pace, and centralization, instead of improving efficiency, becomes a choke point.’
    • ‘To them, the waste-storage problem is the choke point for the entire nuclear industry.’