Definition of choir stalls in English:

choir stalls

plural noun

  • Fixed seating in the choir of a church or chapel.

    • ‘The stained glass windows are of the expected bright colouring and the dark choir stalls sombrely face each other from both sides of the aisle, in the usual manner.’
    • ‘English Nature suggested making covers for the pews, altar, choir stalls and pulpit to protect them from bat droppings and urine, but the idea was rejected because of the expense.’
    • ‘The choir stalls were moved from the chancel to their present position in the nave in 1961 to make room for the bishop's throne and canon's stalls.’
    • ‘The church insider said: ‘The dispute has been going on since 2002, when the choir was told to leave the choir stalls and go and sit in the nave.’’
    • ‘One choir stall contained past Prime Ministers from the last three decades with Lord Callaghan joining Baroness Thatcher, with husband Denis, and John Major, with his wife Norma.’
    • ‘In February 1971, a fire broke out in the north-west tower near the bell chamber when a tarpaulin caught alight and another fire the following year destroyed pinnacles and woodwork in the choir stalls.’
    • ‘The choir stalls displayed large bunches of wheat and asparagus ferns, while colour was added by a profusion of dahlias.’
    • ‘The choir stalls and organ have always remained positioned at the end of the main school room.’
    • ‘The mid-C14 choir stalls, famed for their carved misericords, originally stood here.’
    • ‘Lara, who was trying to drag her mother away from the conversation about the Health and Safety conditions of the choir stalls, turned round suddenly in surprise at his trying to get her attention.’
    • ‘Sadly, my glorious choral career came to a close because I kept fainting in the choir stalls.’
    • ‘We saw the burial vault of King George VI and the Queen Mother and walked through the choir stalls past the altar where Charles and Camilla married a few weeks ago.’
    • ‘Born in 1976 in Inverness, MacRae nurtured his musical aspirations in the choir stalls of Inverness Cathedral and with the programmes of Radio 3.’
    • ‘Members of the congregation had poured into the choir stalls for the 5.30 pm service, led by dean of Salisbury the Right Reverend June Osborne.’
    • ‘They bow at the altar, then to each other, before padding softly up to their choir stalls, which are hidden from view.’
    • ‘Micro-architecture defined the church interior, on walls, in stained glass - where tall figures were posed under towering architectural canopies - on altarpieces and furnishings such as thrones, sedilia, and choir stalls.’
    • ‘Inside the abbey people sat quietly in the choir stalls or on chairs in front of lit candles, absorbed in prayer or contemplation.’
    • ‘The choir stalls, the communion table and the rail were quite badly damaged.’
    • ‘The monastic choir stalls had ledges calls misericords which allowed the brethren to lean against them whilst standing for the long services.’
    • ‘I had wanted, for the sake of old times, to stand again in the choir stalls.’