Definition of chocolate-box in English:



  • (of a view or picture) pretty in a conventional or idealized way.

    ‘chocolate-box cottages lining narrow streets’
    • ‘Well, sometimes those chocolate-box descriptions are just plain wrong.’
    • ‘To the outsider, Bamberg looks as if the set for the second act of Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg had come to chocolate-box life, especially in the crisp winter weather that greets me when I arrive.’
    • ‘Surprisingly this all turned out to be quite fun, but I was still happy to return to the chocolate-box beauty of Aix after my reluctant taste of reality.’
    • ‘It's just another central European chocolate-box town, all cobbled streets and spinning-top church steeples.’
    • ‘There's more to Mull than Tobermory, but if you visit Glengorm Castle you'll get the best of both worlds: incredible beauty and seclusion, all within easy reach of the chocolate-box port.’
    • ‘These traditional cottages are not only chocolate-box pretty, they also provide good levels of natural insulation - but don't forget the repair and renewal costs’
    • ‘The first 20 kilometres was chocolate-box pretty.’
    • ‘Apart from the unspoilt chocolate-box quality of the place, there are plenty of other pluses to Bruges, the first being that the city is so compact that you can walk everywhere.’
    • ‘Apart from a few concrete-heavy blocks thrown up in the 1960s and 1970s, most of the houses conform to the chocolate-box vision of pretty Alpine chalets, mainly built in local wood.’
    • ‘I could use the bypass, but it's miles out of the way, and the road to it is even more meandery (cluttered chocolate-box villages are a bloody nuisance if you want to get beyond the village).’
    • ‘In its old town heart, Vilnius is an almost painfully pretty place, its gothic and renaissance heritage preserved or restored for the benefit of future generations of chocolate-box designers.’
    • ‘The rolling green hills of the Cotswolds, dotted with manor houses, chocolate-box villages and bustling market towns, have always been popular with upmarket buyers.’
    • ‘The danger is people listening to the moaning of disillusioned hacks and venerating a chocolate-box version of the past instead of seeking out new music.’
    • ‘‘This is no chocolate-box presentation,’ says Wright, who claims that at the point he was hired he'd never read the book or seen any previous screen versions.’
    • ‘She said: ‘We don't want to make it too chocolate-box twee.’
    • ‘I branch off into the residential area, passing dozens of quaintly named, chocolate-box cottages.’
    • ‘‘It's a typical chocolate-box sort of house in rural Dorset,’ said Damon.’
    • ‘Without a scrap of make-up, the chocolate-box prettiness is still there: the clear turquoise eyes, creamy skin and chiselled bone structure are luminous.’
    • ‘The chocolate-box image of Mozart as a little miracle can be promptly banged on the head.’
    • ‘This book celebrates that diversity in over 140 superb photographs that go beyond the traditional chocolate-box images to delve deeper into the fundamental character of the Lakes.’
    attractive, lovely, good-looking, nice-looking, fetching, prepossessing, appealing, charming, delightful, nice, engaging, pleasing
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From the use of attractive images to decorate boxes of chocolates.