Definition of chocker in English:



  • 1predicative Tired of or disgusted with something.

    ‘I'm a little chocker with this place’
    well supplied with, replete with, overflowing with, bursting with, brimful with, brimming with, loaded with, overloaded with, abounding in, well provided with, well stocked with, rich in, abundant in, rife with
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  • 2predicative Full.

    ‘the church was chocker with flowers’
    • ‘We didn't get to test drive this car because the showroom was chockers with people looking to buy cars, and the salesman said ‘How to test drive, see how crowded it is?’’
    • ‘At 22 Cortlandt Street, Century 21 was always chocker with discounted designer clothes.’
    • ‘We had no idea the School Hostilities had already begun, but we were down at Darling Harbour and the place was chockers with kids, the elderly and confused German backpackers.’
    • ‘Australia and the US are controlling air traffic at Banda Aceh airport, trucks are moving in from Medan and the east coast ports are chockers.’
    • ‘He has a great sense of humour and keeps us chocker with good Irish Gags and other material for the site.’
    • ‘When I got it five years ago I only had two holes filled, methinks it'll be completely chockers by next year.’
    • ‘September is chockers with unsuitable election dates, ranging from September 11, which would be crass, to the AFL grand final on September 25, which would be unpopular, and lots of school holidays.’
    • ‘It was a huge chomping chunk, chocker with choccie.’
    • ‘Today, this grey wall hanging was chocker block full of paper, notes, letters and small parcels.’
    • ‘The gig venue was chockers full of Aussies, all seemingly determined to assert their Aussiness.’
    • ‘We drove up the Arlberg Pass in Austria - the Hymer handled the dizzying hairpin turns like a dream - one Sunday and couldn't even get a parking spot in Lech, chockers with skiiers from Germany.’
    • ‘By midnight the outdoor chill-out area, downstairs Safari Bar and upstairs club area were all chockers.’
    • ‘Dear old Martin saw the early 20th century as chockers with these decisive moments and he was wracked with anxiety in case he missed the crucial event.’
    • ‘And Trafalgar Square really is chockers with pigeons!’
    • ‘The road outside was chockers with star-struck fans, who were lining up to obtain Jolin Tsai's autograph.’
    • ‘Well, he said it… anyway, who cares, the news bulletins were chocker with matey golfing pictures that night, as was every paper next morning.’
    filled, full, well stocked, well supplied, well provided, crammed, crowded, packed, jammed, stuffed, teeming, overflowing, bursting, brimful, brimming, loaded, overloaded, thick, solid, charged, abounding
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Second World War (originally naval slang): from chock-a-block.