Definition of choccy in English:


nounPlural choccies

mass nouninformal
  • 1Chocolate.

    as modifier ‘choccy biscuits’
    • ‘Purely in the interests of research, you understand, I've been sampling a classic choccy bar.’
    • ‘You've got a choccy biscuit in one hand and the freshly peeled silver foil wrapping in the other.’
    • ‘Should the choccy melt en route you will still have some nuts to savour!’
    • ‘We had a birthday buffet for lunch and my wife had baked the biggest choccy cake I've ever seen.’
    • ‘Everyone else whipped out loaves of bread, ham & cheese, sandwiches, tins of beer etc while I munched on my usual choccy bar.’
    • ‘On second thoughts, do include choccy bars, and then I won't be tempted to spend your money on chocolates (though champagne could be a problem)!’
    • ‘Tell him dinner will be ready in an hour so tell him no more choccy biccys.’
    • ‘I don't know what made me cringe most - Posh and Becks in their thrones or Anthea and Grant with their choccy bars.’
    • ‘However, I do agree that your choccy and champers shop sounds absolutely divine.’
    • ‘Maybe its a ploy to get me to eat and drink loads of overpriced choccy and wine from the fridge while I surf the porno sites.’
    • ‘I can remember being six or seven and being sent to the shop to buy her six bars of Galaxy or Turkish Delight or cakes or choccy biccies.’
    • ‘Think of all those kids on Christmas morning, stuffing their faces with this choccy bounty.’
    • ‘I have discovered that wee Ying (same same Nit) also has a penchant for choccy with her Bolly and this explains the disappearance of the Mars bar destined for your oesophagus and beyond.’
    • ‘Import a gross of king-size choccy bars to Thailand on my next visit?’
    • ‘The whole family went to the supermarket tonight in order to get the non-perishable essentials for Christmas, like booze, choccy biscuits, booze, frozen gateux, booze, mixed nuts, oh, did I mention some wine.’
    • ‘I'm looking to get down to 13 stone by mid February, that means more miles and less beer and choccy.’
    • ‘In fact, they're actually lying pale, shivering and sweating, and they couldn't face a choccy biccy even if there were any in the house.’
    • ‘When you are luxuriating in comfort, then and only then, can you pop a piece of choccy into your mouth.’
    • ‘This is what wee Nit (the adorable) tends to do when choccy bars are pointed in her direction.’
    • ‘I've moved on from the magnums into choccy danish territory.’
    1. 1.1count noun A chocolate sweet.
      • ‘Then there were the cheap bastards buying wilted flowers and Cadbury choccies at Superbarn.’
      • ‘Why don't you share the choccies and champers with Sandy and Jules, my reneging little Petal?’
      • ‘It was a whopper of a box of Quality Street choccies which I emptied and then rewrapped and put back on the shelf.’
      • ‘I think I'll have to lie down and have small drink and a choccy to recover.’
      • ‘The list is not comprehensive, as Hillary is a shy person and not known to going out much at night, though champagne and choccies can help drag me from the computer.’
      • ‘I certainly do not do anything like that on the first date, despite champers and choccies.’
      • ‘That hurdle is the one where you promised Hillary champers and choccies, about at least one year ago, and then when they did not arrive you gave excuses, and now pretend that the promise was never made.’
      • ‘I think I'll have another choccy and a sip of giggle juice to settle myself down again.’
      • ‘I am now going to settle myself in on the sofa get a nice fleecy blanket and seriously relax - possibly with choccies, wine and a chinese.’
      • ‘On my way home I drop off Mothers Day flowers and box of choccies.’
      • ‘But going out of his way to give me a lovely box of choccies, and then legging it without even waiting for so much as a thank-you, certainly isn't one of them.’
      • ‘Try those and if you find any others let me know and I'll join you (with the proviso of copious amounts of bubbly and choccies of course).’
      • ‘He sported his cap while admiring the choccies, only whipping it off for the photograph outside, with the words: ‘I don't think people need to see me in a hairnet.’’
      • ‘However, as far as that mistersingha person is concerned, and all his empty promises, I shall continue to treat him with ignore until he makes good with the choccies and champers.’
      • ‘Close your eyes and try to imagine those Belgian choccies are Cadbury's finest.’
      • ‘Rob, 33, does indeed make wonderful, hand-made choccies, but this is no self-indulgence allowed by doting grown-ups.’
      • ‘I need prior warning for romance, there's stuff to arrange, flowers to be bought, choccies to find.’
      • ‘Please mark the parcel ‘For Attention Hillary, c / - Pattaya Mail’ so that the champagne and choccies get to me and not to the other gnomes who inhabit the editorial office.’
      • ‘That's the way of the Sunday classic series - get your choccies out.’
      • ‘I shared the choccies with the editorial staff, as they work so hard too.’