Definition of choanocyte in English:



  • A flagellated cell with a collar of protoplasm at the base of the flagellum, numbers of which line the internal chambers of sponges.

    • ‘Water movement is driven by the beating of flagellae, which are located on specialized cells called choanocytes (collar cells).’
    • ‘Particles are caught in the collar part of the choanocyte cells.’
    • ‘Due to the physical structure of the choanocyte chambers and oscular chimneys, water can passively flow through the sponge without the choanocytes actively pumping.’
    • ‘Sponge cells called choanocytes each project a minuscule filament.’
    • ‘The anterior cells lost their cilia and migrated in to form the inner cell mass; some of these cells rapidly differentiated into choanocytes, while others remained amoeboid.’


Late 19th century: from Greek khoanē ‘funnel’ + -cyte.