Definition of chlorotic in English:



  • See chlorosis

    • ‘In A. thaliana, the iron signal showed a progressive increase from healthy non-infected leaves to green areas of infected leaves and to chlorotic areas of infected leaves.’
    • ‘However, the combination of glucose and ABA caused an inhibition of early wild-type seedling growth that resulted in underdeveloped plantlets that were chlorotic and anthocyanic.’
    • ‘The team was first formed in the 1960s in response to a dual epidemic of maize chlorotic dwarf virus and a potyvirus, maize dwarf mosaic virus, that devastated Ohio's cornfields.’
    • ‘Chlorosis was only due to Fe deficiency, since the application of Fe salts or Fe chelates to the chlorotic leaves produced complete leaf regreening.’
    • ‘If the foliage turns chlorotic (indicated by yellow leaves with green veins), spray it with a foliar food containing chelated iron and the minor nutrients listed above.’