Definition of chlorophyllous in English:



  • See chlorophyll

    • ‘The foliose root is chlorophyllous, with extremely reduced vegetative and reproductive adventitious shoots scattered on the dorsal surface, and root hairs (adhesive hairs) on the ventral surface.’
    • ‘Various hypotheses have been proposed to explain the reduced viability of chlorophyllous spores, including a higher respiratory rate or inability to recover photosynthetic competence after desiccation.’
    • ‘Their roots cover rock surfaces, are chlorophyllous and have extremely short, leafy and floral shoots scattered on their dorsal surface; they play major roles in adherence, photosynthesis, organogenesis and reproduction.’
    • ‘Along the abaxial and adaxial margins of the leaf the subepidermal vascular bundles are interspersed with fibre bundles in the chlorophyllous mesophyll.’
    • ‘In a previous study, we suggested that once Coffea somatic embryos have developed chlorophyllous cotyledons exhibiting active photosynthesis, they could be successfully cultured photoautotrophically.’