Definition of chlorinate in English:



[with object]usually as adjective chlorinated
  • 1Impregnate or treat with chlorine.

    ‘chlorinated water’
    • ‘Oddly enough, just chlorinating the water may remove enough iron from the solution to make the water much more palatable.’
    • ‘Society, persuaded by those it has identified as experts, has chosen to chlorinate our drinking water, thereby just possibly putting all of us at a slightly increased risk of stomach cancer.’
    • ‘Avoid swimming in fresh water unless it is chlorinated.’
    • ‘For years many councils have filled their paddling pools with clean water at the start of each week, chlorinated them manually and tested the water twice daily to ensure the chemical was at the correct level.’
    • ‘Rather than wait the ten days for the results to come back we chlorinated all the water systems completely.’
    • ‘The coolant water should be chlorinated to approximately 125 parts per million of chlorine to protect the asparagus from decay organisms.’
    • ‘The ICRC, working with a local agency, helps people to individually chlorinate cans of water collected from Lake Kivu, trying to keep away the specter of cholera.’
    • ‘In wave pools, the water is chlorinated, the beach is concrete and the waves arrive like clockwork, once every few minutes.’
    • ‘After Cal-OSHA's findings, the building owner flushed and chlorinated the water system.’
    • ‘Yet millions of gallons of water are chlorinated daily at large water treatment plants.’
    • ‘The ship's filled with 400,000 liters of fresh water that's been slightly chlorinated.’
    • ‘It will take a few days to filter and chlorinate the new water presumably, but looks like it may be ready by the weekend!’
    • ‘One of the most urgent measures is to chlorinate water to make it safe for drinking.’
    • ‘The waters are not chlorinated and they are geothermally heated.’
    • ‘Drinking water used should be properly chlorinated.’
    • ‘In general, it would be good for you to check the hardness of your water, whether or not your tap water is chlorinated, and maintain low ammonia/nitrite levels.’
    • ‘This has meant testing the supplies every other day, chlorinating the water when necessary and being on-call every weekend to assist in mending burst pipes and unblocking drains.’
    • ‘Since the water is recycled and chlorinated regularly, there is little need of any anxiety on the water quality.’
    • ‘One advantage of U.S. systems is that they still chlorinate water to disinfect it.’
    • ‘Later, this water is chlorinated and the output is colourless and odourless water with the purity label of 80 percent and later stored in the 1.5 MLD capacity storage tank.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry Introduce chlorine into (a compound)
      ‘rainwater samples contained chlorinated hydrocarbons’
      • ‘But existing controls on certain persistent toxins such as DDT and chlorinated hydrocarbons had begun to prove effective in European and American waters.’
      • ‘Some other chlorinated hydrocarbons were banned in 1975.’
      • ‘The next class of chemicals was chlorinated solvents: TCE, dichloroethylene, and vinyl chloride.’
      • ‘These chemicals were mostly chlorinated solvents such as chloroform.’
      • ‘In the presence of organic matter, chlorinated hydrocarbons, which are suspected carcinogens, may be formed.’