Definition of chloride in English:



  • A compound of chlorine with another element or group, especially a salt of the anion Cl⁻ or an organic compound with chlorine bonded to an alkyl group.

    ‘the presence of sulphates, chlorides, and nitrates’
    with modifier ‘sodium chloride’
    • ‘The carboxyl group is fairly reactive, and carboxyl group-containing compounds can undergo nucleophilic substitution to form many useful derivatives such as acid chlorides, anhydrides, esters, and amides.’
    • ‘A chemical reaction takes place between sodium, potassium and magnesium chlorides from salt with calcium oxides and hydroxide from soil to form calcium chloride.’
    • ‘Inorganic anions such as chloride, nitrate and sulphate can be separated in about five minutes.’
    • ‘Leachate typically contains organic compounds together with metal chlorides and sulphates, and has a high chemical oxygen demand due to the presence of reducing species.’
    • ‘Heating with alkyl chlorides gives a mixture of the mono and the dialkyl aniline.’


Early 19th century: from chlorine + -ide.