Definition of chlamys in English:



  • A short cloak worn by men in ancient Greece.

    • ‘David wears the adult dress of a Byzantine courtier, consisting of an ankle-length chlamys and a long-sleeved tunic.’
    • ‘Greek men tended to travel light, with only a pouch slung over their shoulder containing a single change of clothes - a short cape or chlamys; some cooking utensils; and a woollen blanket for bedding.’
    • ‘David is shown as a young, beardless figure with short, dark hair, clad in a purple chlamys, fastened at the shoulder (though no fibula is represented), beneath which a white and golden yellow garment can be seen.’
    • ‘Hermes stands behind Athena at the far right of the scene, and he wears petasos, chlamys, and winged shoes, and carries his kerykeion.’
    • ‘Getting up I went to my sideways closet and pulled out a light civilian chlamys, cursing the lack of rotation in the habitation section all the way.’
    • ‘I nodded as I turned my back and finished stripping out of the suit and slipped the chlamys over my head.’


Late 17th century: from Greek khlamus ‘cloak’.