Definition of chitter-chatter in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Informal and inconsequential conversation.

    ‘there was chitter-chatter in the lobby as Mabel entered the movie theatre’
    • ‘Having done all the polite chitter chatter, and getting-to-know-you's, and name tagging we decided to kick off with some drinking games.’
    • ‘I actually haven't heard from them, directly, but I know there's a lot of Internet chitter-chatter going on.’
    • ‘As part of the general chitter-chatter in Denver, informal negotiations between the NBA's Players' Association and the league's management and owners will attempt to forge an agreement before the present one expires in June.’
    • ‘My "students" had also broken the trend by attending on the dot and were even being very respectful and not disturbing me with jibber jabber or chitter chatter.’
    • ‘Even after the tremors shook the earth and people were gathering outside I ignored the noise of chitter-chatter.’
    • ‘The roar of increasingly incomprehensible chitter chatter from an unsettled sea of faces suddenly clobbers you with a forgotten sense of reality.’
    • ‘I was amused enough by this chitter chatter.’
    • ‘His young son starts hearing what sounds like alien chitter-chatter on his baby monitoring walkie-talkie.’
    • ‘A few more hours of boring chitter chatter followed before, finally, the men ajourned to the study to partake of some spirits before dinner.’
    • ‘Everything I've said online for the past ten years is available within Google's index, and now all my daily chitter-chatter could be on a Google server as well.’
    • ‘Stylish 20-somethings and other fashionistas flocked to this do for an evening of chitter chatter on haute couture.’
    • ‘We had a couple of smokes and by 4am we had solved all the worlds problems with our stoned chitter chatter.’
    • ‘There was no chitter-chatter; they were focused.’
    talk, conversation, gossip, chatter, chitter-chatter, heart-to-heart, tête-à-tête, powwow, blether, blather
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[no object]informal
  • Talk about trivial matters.

    ‘people are chitter-chattering and laughter flows freely’
    • ‘Where else might you find gaggles of ladies chitter-chattering in bikinis and red lipstick over vegetable juices?’
    • ‘They just chitter-chattered about lots of things.’
    • ‘That is all that they can chitter-chatter about as yet.’
    • ‘While she chitter-chatters away like a house sparrow nesting in the eaves I remain shielded by an expanse of newspaper.’
    • ‘The atmosphere was great, with 70's music being played on the big screens and everyone chitter chattering away.’
    • ‘As I had expected, Judy chitter-chattered about this and that.’
    • ‘I also had a chance to chitter chatter with Miss Nicky during dinner.’
    • ‘Remember a time when if you wanted to talk to someone you would pick up the phone and spend hours chitter chattering about nothing.’
    • ‘What else is there to do but chitter chatter about the patterns in the froth whilst we wait?’
    • ‘We chitter-chattered for ten minutes or so, until his delayed flight was ready.’
    talk, gossip, chatter, chitter-chatter, speak, converse, have a conversation, engage in conversation, tittle-tattle, prattle, jabber, jibber-jabber, babble, prate, go on, run on
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Early 18th century: reduplication of chatter; compare with chit-chat.