Definition of chirognomy in English:



mass nounrare
  • The supposed art of judging a person's character by examining the lines and other features of the hand.

    • ‘Chirognomy aims to comprehend the universe by starting with the smallest element — man.’
    • ‘He was so enamored of chirognomy that he had casts made of his and his wife's hands, and even talked of making a collection of those of his friends.’
    • ‘Chirognomy has a history rooted in ancient philosophy and a theory of both cosmic and personal relationships.’
    • ‘One writer on the subject of chirognomy claims to have given private lessons in the study of the hand to the heads of 275 business establishments in New York.’
    • ‘Chirognomy has no equal among the so-called occult sciences.’
    fortune telling, palm-reading, clairvoyancy, chiromancy
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Mid 19th century: from chiro-, after physiognomy.