Definition of chipping sparrow in English:

chipping sparrow


  • A common American songbird related to the buntings, with a chestnut crown and a white stripe over the eye.

    Spizella passerina, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizinae)

    • ‘We found some interesting sparrows including vesper and a first year chipping sparrow going into winter plumage.’
    • ‘Blue Jays and crows seem to have moved in of late, overpowering the persistent chirps of the chipping sparrows and resident cardinals.’
    • ‘I can hear the songs of migrating birds: phoebes, white-throated sparrows, towhees, catbirds, chipping sparrows.’
    • ‘The plants were going to seed and had attracted a small convention of sparrows: savannah, song, swamp, white-throated, and chipping sparrows.’
    • ‘Remember, though, if you think you have 50 song birds daily or 20 chipping sparrows, you should polish your binoculars, review your field guide and take a second look!’


Early 19th century: chipping from US chip ‘chirp’, with reference to the bird's repetitive song.