Definition of chionodoxa in English:



  • A bulbous Eurasian plant of the lily family, with early blooming blue flowers.

    Genus Chionodoxa, family Liliaceae

    Also called glory-of-the-snow
    • ‘Others which are suitable include snowdrops, iris, scillas, muscari and chionodoxas.’
    • ‘We have many thousands of chionodoxas naturalized in our garden.’
    • ‘Nigel also asks if these pests attack the roots of bulbs such as chionodoxa, muscari and fritillaria.’
    • ‘It's worth mentioning that chionodoxa names are fairly hit and miss, because almost all the original names have been changed, and some bulb-sellers use the new names while others still use the old.’
    • ‘These are soon followed by crocuses, scillas, and chionodoxas; then come the hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips.’


Modern Latin, from Greek khiōn ‘snow’ + doxa ‘glory’.