Definition of chinstrap in English:



  • A strap attached to a hat, helmet, or other headgear, designed to hold it in place by fitting under the wearer's chin.

    • ‘It also boasts an unmatched ventilation and antifog system, removable interior cheek pads and a sturdy chinstrap that can be removed to allow cleaning or replacement.’
    • ‘They will also have sturdy chinstraps with solid rivets.’
    • ‘As Pedregon approached the end of the track, his chinstrap came off, forcing him to get off the throttle.’
    • ‘I unsnapped my chinstrap and removed my Kevlar helmet, balancing it on the muzzle of my rifle.’
    • ‘The hatch was open, and she carefully climbed into the cockpit, settling the helmet over her head and not noticing the worn chinstrap or the initials MR etched in the back.’
    • ‘I don't think Reggie had his chinstrap fastened, and as Jackie Slater was blocking him, Reggie's helmet fell down over his face.’
    • ‘A loose chinstrap allows a helmet to flop around, and thereby leaves you, the user, susceptible to injury in the event of a crash.’
    • ‘But he has long, wavy hair and a scruffy red goatee that was so long he had to fold it underneath his chinstrap.’
    • ‘The current chinstrap is a two point design, having an open chincup and two adjustable buckles and a single snap fastener on the left.’
    • ‘Then, put the helmet on, snap the chinstrap, and then roll your thumb on the GPS wheel.’
    • ‘When I mentioned his chinstrap swinging, he grew irritated, abruptly grabbed his strap, and snapped it.’
    • ‘The corpsman and doc told me I was lucky that I had worn my cranial and had cinched the chinstrap.’
    • ‘Sweat drips from the helmet chinstraps of the engineers who have fitted the demolition charges to the house's steel doors.’
    • ‘While washing Redtail 213, a wash team had on protective gear: splash-proof goggles, gloves, and cranials with cinched chinstraps.’
    • ‘As Carly went to the window, Alexandra released her chinstrap and pulled off the helmet.’
    • ‘He's wearing his helmet, although he hasn't bothered to buckle the chinstrap.’
    • ‘Willow, cooing softly, managed to get the bridle over her head and the chinstrap secure before the horse reared again.’
    • ‘He not only started from way back, but he had to drive the final 16 laps with one hand holding on to his helmet after the chinstrap came loose.’
    • ‘It featured a plastic liner fitted into a removable shell and a web chinstrap with a breakaway release.’
    • ‘After the ball falls to the grass, Couch angrily unsnaps the chinstrap on his helmet and looks down.’