Definition of chino in English:



mass noun
  • 1A cotton twill fabric, typically khaki-coloured.

    • ‘The hottest-selling fabric for embroidered caps today is a chino cotton-washed material, which is processed in such a way that it provides a soft, luxurious but sturdy finish.’
    • ‘A college boy inspired range of casual leisurewear which mixes denim, chino and corduroy with splashes of colour, such as orange, red and green.’
    • ‘The hat is enzyme bio-washed chino twill with silicone softeners, low profile, six panels with sewn eyelets on each panel, and has a self-fabric strap with antique brass slide buckle closure and tuck-in grommet.’
    • ‘He was wearing a yellow golf shirt, tucked into khaki chino shorts with a call phone clipped to his belt - the Republican uniform.’
    • ‘The hot looks for shorts this summer include denim, combat (cargo and/or camouflage) and chino style.’
    • ‘Winchester police are looking for the man, described as white, aged 18-22, about 5ft 8in, with short hair, chino trousers and a ‘smart but casual appearance’.’
    1. 1.1chinos Casual cotton trousers made from chino or a similar fabric.
      ‘she wore crumpled chinos and a football shirt’
      • ‘Try them out with a nice pair of Earth tone flat-front chinos or slim-fit blue jeans, and a classic button-down shirt - tucked in or not.’
      • ‘The delegates wear designer chinos and yellow baseball caps and the talk is all about patriotism and duty - just don't mention the deficit, welfare meltdown or what's really in the manifesto.’
      • ‘I turned to a young man wearing a turtleneck and chinos.’
      • ‘While wearing them with suits is a big no-no, discreet leather sneakers can be worn with chinos as a last resort.’
      • ‘Whatever these shoes promise, leave the really jazzed up sneakers for the courts and wear more subtle sneakers with your jeans or chinos.’
      • ‘Between the polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, and chinos, these dapper gents could double up as Ralph Lauren models.’
      • ‘Stay away from wearing your khaki chinos during the winter months; you're better off with wool or flannel pants.’
      • ‘Slip-on sandals are extremely versatile as they can be worn with dressier chinos, jeans and even a nice pair of Bermuda shorts. short sleeve dress shirt’
      • ‘We are told that the company has been making clothing from well before the second world war and the range being sold here include shirts, polos, chinos, semi-formal trousers and ties.’
      • ‘He therefore does not wear ‘sponge bag’ trousers, similar to chinos, or the flashy, personalised waistcoats sported by William and other prefects.’
      • ‘You will see men and women in jeans, chinos, tailored trousers and jackets, anoraks, trainers, sportswear, coats and fleece - all garments developed from the uniform tradition.’
      • ‘Just don't get caught wearing your sneakers with chinos and suits, at least not by me!’
      • ‘Like jeans, khakis and chinos, they can be worn with just about any style shirt, shoes and boots.’
      • ‘But the youth turned to other fabrics and other styles of casual trousers such as khakis, chinos, and branded wear.’
      • ‘On dress-down Fridays half the tunnels' inhabitants are men wearing polo shirts tucked into chinos.’
      • ‘I've had to go back another generation of trousers, reverting to the chinos I was wearing a couple of years back.’
      • ‘I was wearing my standard uniform of chinos, polo shirt and a light sweater, and this felt about right.’
      • ‘He wore chinos, a polo shirt, and Topsiders with no socks to work - and he had little regard for rank or status.’
      • ‘I should just be wearing chinos and a short-sleeved shirt.’
      • ‘They now wear chinos and pullovers and swan around Putney or F'lam and… anyway, enough about them.’


1940s: from Latin American Spanish, literally ‘toasted’ (referring to the typical colour).