Definition of Chinese burn in English:

Chinese burn


  • An act of placing both hands on a person's arm and then twisting it to produce a burning sensation.

    • ‘The response was to pick him up and throw him on the settee and for good measure give him a Chinese burn.’
    • ‘Swift negotiation and the application of a Chinese burn to the Manager's wrist persuaded him to increase the bar staff quota by 100%.’
    • ‘Anyone who disagrees with me is guilty of cheap demagoguery and will get what's coming when I'm doling out the wedgies and the Chinese burns.’
    • ‘He should have called him a fat tub of dung and given him a Chinese burn, while he was there, having flown all that way.’
    • ‘The arm-twisting, begging, pleading and bribery will have ceased temporarily and even Michael will have stopped giving his colleagues Chinese burns in a bid to force them to vote for him… or else.’
    • ‘It's amazing what the odd threat and the swift application of a judicious Chinese burn will do.’
    • ‘I begin practising punches and blocks with Tim, whose hairy arms give me Chinese burns.’
    • ‘A second hello would lead to a Chinese burn; a third to a severe beating with a slide-rule; a fourth to a public beheading; and a fifth to a written warning, although I hope it would never come to that.’
    • ‘And as a final touch - the emotional equivalent of a Chinese burn, just to finish you off good and proper - there's a children's choir in there as well, bleating away about ‘listening’ as well as ‘hearing’.’
    • ‘There's hair pulling, tickling, stomping on toes, Chinese burns, graffiting of limbs with highlighters, and very nasty insults.’
    • ‘She makes it sound like these terrible fierce dykes gave her Chinese burns every time she got the gender wrong.’
    • ‘Both it and the play are like a playground Chinese burn - they give you pain and pleasure at the same time.’
    • ‘In the confusion I reached for my harpoon but she grasped my arm in a deadly Chinese burn, while shrieking in a demonic voice, ‘NOTHING COMES BETWEEN BRAUNSTEIN AND HER PRECIOUS CANDY!’’