Definition of Chinatown in English:



  • A district of a large non-Chinese town or port in which the population is predominantly of Chinese origin.

    ‘we spent the day poking about the back alleys of Vancouver's Chinatown’
    • ‘Chinese emigrants have established Chinatowns all over the world, and they can also serve as bridges for conducting business.’
    • ‘Take time to explore both Chinatowns and you'll find plenty to delight and surprise you, and a side to Canada that few people realise exists.’
    • ‘At night, the city is alive with theatre, music and comedy, and you can dine in Little India, Little Italy or four separate Chinatowns.’
    • ‘There are Chinatowns all over the world from San Francisco to Havanna and we should welcome them just as we welcome our German, French and British friends.’
    • ‘But while restaurants of this kind have chosen to confine themselves to metropolitan Chinatowns, Wang is outward looking.’
    • ‘But for many Chinese, especially those American-Chinese from US Chinatowns, gambling is almost the only reason they visit Las Vegas.’
    • ‘The author notes that Chinatowns were periodically the theatre of feuds among Chinese gangs competing for the control of gambling and prostitution.’
    • ‘In the alleyways of Chinatowns across Australia, they whisper much the same story of being constantly shaken down by corrupt police.’
    • ‘The decline of Butte's Chinatown that began in 1895 continued steadily for the next four decades as residents left to seek their fortunes in San Francisco and other cities where Chinatowns still flourished.’
    • ‘The desertion hit us hard, largely because we already knew how difficult the situation was in Toronto's two downtown Chinatowns before SARS hit.’
    • ‘I finally gave up and started to eat my favorite Chinese food at Chinatowns.’
    • ‘The Greeks speak Greek in Greektown, the Chinese speak Madarin and Cantonese in the 2.5 Chinatowns, Italians speak Italian in Maple…’
    • ‘In fact, if I have one that looks exactly like you I can sell more pigs to the Chinatowns across the U.S.’
    • ‘Satellite Chinatowns in Agincourt, Mississauga, Markham and Richmond Hill emerged in the late '80s and '90s.’
    • ‘He had visited other Chinatowns in countries including Australia and America, and they were great cultural centres.’
    • ‘But he feels the Beijing government has already scored some victories in Montreal and Chinatowns across the world.’
    • ‘Perhaps the clearest example of irrational panic is the widespread avoidance of Chinese restaurants and Chinatowns in the USA.’
    • ‘By the early twentieth century, over 80 percent of the Chinese population were found in Chinatowns in major cities in the United States.’
    • ‘There are Chinatowns and takeaways all over the world, but in Britain the culinary impact of China is dwarfed by the subcontinent.’
    • ‘We have a Greektown, three Chinatowns, Boystown for a reason.’