Definition of chinagraph pencil in English:

chinagraph pencil


  • A waxy pencil used to write on china, glass, or other hard surfaces.

    • ‘Prints must be marked up with chinagraph pencils - this must be rubbed off once the film has been shown’
    • ‘Make sure there are sharp chinagraph pencils around for the scribble strips, and that you have all your track sheets and stuff you know you'll need throughout the day, including the tapes for the day's work.’
    • ‘I used several materials for this work - a wooden tea box, wash, fineliner, chinagraph pencil and acrylic wash.’
    • ‘These large charts were repeated four times, and on the perspex covering them were plotted with chinagraph pencils reports from aircraft in flight and ships.’
    • ‘The only method of plotting on it was by using a chinagraph pencil.’
    • ‘These clapper boards are for use with chinagraph pencils or pre-written white gaffer tape which you can keep on the back of the slate.’
    • ‘Another consideration is that chinagraph pencils used to number the print sequences cannot be cleaned from these surfaces like they can with traditional photographic prints.’
    • ‘The trace would have been placed on top of the map, allowing the map to show through, and the comments etc added with marker pens or chinagraph pencils.’
    • ‘With a clear plastic cover you can ‘mark’ the map by drawing on it with a chinagraph pencil or even a felt tip pen (make sure you can rub it off with ease).’
    • ‘Retain the shell for Task B, marking it with the chinagraph pencil to denote the age of the egg.’
    • ‘Before painting, students should mark their designs out on the surface of the glass using OHP pens or chinagraph pencils.’
    • ‘There is a clear plastic overlay sheet to protect your valuable charts from your chinagraph pencils and a sturdy document clip to keep paperwork in place.’
    • ‘are you referring to chinagraph pencils, the waxy-clay centred pencils designed to write on any surface, wet or dry?’
    • ‘Here, the impersonality of the figure is emphasised, and we see the drawing for what it is, a drawing of charcoal, pastel, iron-oxide, acrylic and chinagraph pencil on heavy Rives paper.’
    • ‘On top of that you'll need a chinagraph pencil, a screwdriver or long shank screwdriver bit, masking tape, spirit level and tape measure.’
    • ‘This one is a watercolour, pencil, ink, oil pastel, chinagraph pencil, gouache, Tippex pen and coloured pencil piece!’
    • ‘Tigger - A chinagraph pencil is used by photographers to mark up contact sheets to show the photographs for printing and any cropping.’
    • ‘You may wish to mark movements on the map with a set of pins, but it is usually easier, and better for the map, to use a talc overlay and a set of chinagraph pencils.’
    • ‘You'd have to run it forwards very slowly so you could transcribe words down the side of the exposure sheet with a chinagraph pencil.’


chinagraph pencil