Definition of China tea in English:

China tea


mass noun
  • Tea made from a small-leaved type of tea plant grown in China, typically flavoured by smoke curing or the addition of flower petals.

    • ‘Frosted store windows groaned with a cornucopia of Irish linens, Madras shawls, China tea, Moroccan slippers, Scottish whisky and Madeira wine.’
    • ‘The cover looks like paper that has been soaked in Black China tea for ages, or perhaps it barely escaped a fire - there's this beautiful smokiness that adds depth to it.’
    • ‘Use Indian or Ceylonese teas as China tea has ‘no stimulation’.’
    • ‘Then, we were hauled off to join the cerebral general knowledge quiz fought out over sedate plates of cakes, sandwiches and demure cups of fine China tea.’
    • ‘The deep green, hairy leaves make a slightly astringent tea that's similar to a mild, fragrant China tea.’
    • ‘Fragrant lemon balm is calming and aids digestion, as does bergamot which gives China tea its Earl Grey flavour.’
    • ‘Bruce, a major in the East India Company, made his discovery in 1823 at a time when Britain's expensive taste for China tea had created a worrying trade deficit with the Chinese.’