Definition of chin-up in English:



North American
  • another term for pull-up (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘Add variety to your workout with other great back exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups, machine rows, lat pull-downs and pullovers.’
    • ‘And age 45, he completed 1,000 push-ups and a thousand chin-ups in an hour and 22 minutes.’
    • ‘We walk to a pole for chin-ups, but I look back at her.’
    • ‘Having squeezed out another 12 reps of wide-grip chin-ups, he contemplates his next exercise while stretching out a pair of bloodfilled lats.’
    • ‘‘You have to do a minimum of 12 chin-ups, at least 34 push-ups, and run a mile in less than 6: 48,’ Cummings explains.’
    • ‘The last conversation I had with alpinist Alex Lowe, in August 1999 in Salt Lake City over a tumbler of single-malt, was about how many chin-ups a climber needed to do to stay fit for the mountains.’
    • ‘Pull-ups and chin-ups are staple exercises for any rock climber.’
    • ‘When he wanted to hit the lower lats, he always used a narrow grip for chin-ups, pulldowns and any type of row.’
    • ‘I like my swimmers to perform body weight, upper body movements such as chin-ups, horizontal body weight rows, push-ups and one-arm holds.’
    • ‘IF YOU CAN do more than 10 chin-ups, attach a weight around your waist with a nylon belt.’
    • ‘Soldiers also perform a lot of natural exercises which involve only their body weight, for example, chin-ups, push-ups etc.’
    • ‘In the Corps our test consists of chin-ups, sit-ups, and a timed three mile run.’
    • ‘Step both feet forward, and then pull yourself completely off the ground with your feet in front of you; or do conventional chin-ups with your palms toward you, working shoulders and lats.’
    • ‘The guys do chin-ups, and the girls do a flexed arm hang, which is difficult.’
    • ‘‘Forearms can get a workout just from gripping weights or with chin-ups,’ says Jay.’
    • ‘At 4 am on the 10th, I got up, reached up to the Milky Way and did a few chin-ups among the dazzling brilliance of the stars.’
    • ‘From now on, I'm going to reduce the number of push-ups and chin-ups so I don't wear myself out before the star-date is through, Relena mused.’
    • ‘We start off each day doing chin-ups in zero gravity.’
    • ‘Steve, 52, who lives in Stoneleigh, smashed the previous record of 445 by completing 512 straight body chin-ups in one hour last Saturday.’
    • ‘Resistance training such as chin-ups, lunges or simply pushing your physiotherapy exercises to the extreme are all useful when strengthening essential skiing muscles.’