Definition of Chimu in English:



  • 1A member of an indigenous people of Peru that developed the most important civilization before the Incas.

    • ‘Seven kilometres from the city is the ancestral labyrinthine city of Chan Chan, capital of the Chimus, with the particularity of being the largest city in the world constructed in clay.’
    • ‘The Chimus in Peru used double jugs, connected, with a single spout; similar rather curious jugs are also found among the Cretan and Etruscan ruins.’
    • ‘The capital of the Chimus of Northern Peru at Gran-Chimu was conquered by the Incas after a long and bloody struggle, and the capital was given up to barbaric ravage and spoliation.’
    • ‘Pachakuti's son Topa defeated the Chimu in ad 1463, thereby removing the last serious obstacle to Inca dominance of the Andes.’
    • ‘He and his royal entourage lived in their pyramids, since the Sican, like the Chimus, were scared of the common people.’
    • ‘The Moche were later conquered by the Chimus, who were known for elaborate irrigation systems and built Chan Chan, one of the world's largest adobe cities.’
    • ‘Located on the coastal oasis of Lambayeque formerly inhabited by the Mochicas and Chimus, Chiclayo is the crossing point between Northern coastal towns, the Peruvian Amazon and the highlands.’
    • ‘In addition to their engineering skills, the Chimus were also artisans.’
    • ‘The ahipa was also depicted on the embroidered cloaks, knitted textiles, and imaginatively sculpted and painted ceramics produced by such thriving pre-Columbian societies as the Nazca, the Moche, and the Chimu.’
    • ‘The Chimus left the most beautiful pre-Inca piece of architecture: the City of Chan-Chan.’
    • ‘The mystique of the Chimus can be sensed with every step taken in Chan Chan, a people dedicated to gold work, agriculture, textiles and architecture.’
    • ‘William Siegal will be visiting from California with the treasures of the New World: jewellery, statues, and pottery as well as the magnificent Chimus textiles, woven in northern Peru.’
    • ‘While you're catching the swell, cast your mind back to the beach bums of old - surfing in Peru dates way back to the pre-Hispanic Mochicas and Chimus.’
    • ‘You will explore some of the most important ancient cultures of Peru, including the Moches, Chimus and the amazing Incas.’
  • 2mass noun The extinct language of the Chimu.


  • Relating to the Chimu or their language.

    • ‘In early Peru, the Incas, the Mochica and the Chimu peoples - among others - occupied territories that were largely steep mountains and desert, both unsuited for the wheel.’
    • ‘The Chimu capital, Chanchan, was a meticulously laid out 14-square-mile city with 40-foot clay walls featuring intricate, repeated patterns of birds, fish, and geometrical shapes.’
    • ‘Surmounting the stepped installation furniture in this section was a Pre-Columbian mummified male body from the Chimu culture of Peru.’


From Spanish.