Definition of chimp in English:



  • A chimpanzee.

    • ‘Apparently, it's a synthesis of two germs from monkeys that a chimp caught by eating monkeys.’
    • ‘The obvious thing to do to look for this pattern is to look at chimps, other apes and so on.’
    • ‘One or a few chimps or gorillas become ill and then infect the other members of their family group.’
    • ‘About 7 million years ago, we last shared a common ancestor with the chimps and bonobos.’
    • ‘Bonobos and chimps, though genetically almost identical, have quite different social behaviours.’
    • ‘He grins like a chimp, pouts like a chimp, walks like a chimp and even talks like a chimp would if chimps could talk.’
    • ‘Do apes / chimps shelter their children from knowledge of the world?’
    • ‘That means that, on the strict taxonomic level, chimps and gorillas are hominids.’
    • ‘The only conflict that we're finding between Ugandans and chimps and gorillas is crop raiding.’
    • ‘If this ancient ape was anything like living chimps and gorillas, it depended mainly on fruits.’
    • ‘The demon took control of the chimp, the chimp crashed the car, all the occupants died horribly, and then I woke up.’
    • ‘So chimps and gorillas could harbour more deadly viruses capable of making the jump to people.’
    • ‘More than 300 research chimps and monkeys retired, turned over to preserve.’
    • ‘Think of the old world monkey or apes, the gorilla, the chimp, the orangutan.’
    • ‘Indeed such is the real content of many of the primate experiments with chimps and gorillas.’
    • ‘The infection may have played a role in the evolution of such great apes as chimps and gorillas.’
    • ‘Tom leaned up against the glass, making monkey faces at the chimps on the other side.’
    • ‘The tigers paced desperately and the gorillas and chimps seemed listless and apathetic.’
    • ‘Now is that how it is that chimps or monkeys learn to use tools for example?’
    • ‘Gerri and other orphaned gorillas and chimps contribute to our education programme.’