Definition of chimney swift in English:

chimney swift


  • The common swift (bird) of the eastern part of North America, with mainly dark grey plumage.

    Chaetura pelagica, family Apodidae

    • ‘A chimney swift is sooty gray, about five inches long, and has a one-foot wingspan; the body looks stubby between the long, narrow wings.’
    • ‘Every evening, with patience, you will glimpse chimney swifts dropping into and launching out of one of our chimneys.’
    • ‘At least one species of swift, chimney swifts are cooperative breeders.’
    • ‘Like other birds that spend most of their lives in the air, chimney swifts have high-speed, energy-efficient wings.’
    • ‘Basically nondescript, it is easy to understand why chimney swifts are likened to flying cigars.’
    • ‘New home builders are recommended to build chimney structures suitable for chimney swift roosting.’
    • ‘Look for a tall shaft, chimney or similar structure to locate where chimney swifts go to roost in your area.’
    • ‘The curtain is drawn until late March when the graceful sky dances and twittering music return as chimney swifts ply the skies in search of food and each other.’
    • ‘Properly maintaining a chimney or fireplace inhabited by chimney swifts eliminates any risk of disease.’
    • ‘Before Europeans arrived in North America, chimney swifts nested in the old giant hollow trees of the forest.’
    • ‘As their name implies, chimney swifts adapted to man's presence and commonly nest on the inside walls of chimneys.’
    • ‘The chimney swift is the most widely distributed and plentiful swift in North America, especially east of the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘For example, the wing loading of a highly maneuverable bird such as the chimney swift is ten times smaller than that of the aeronautically challenged common loon.’
    • ‘Every fall thousands of migrating chimney swifts funnel into the chimneys at the Bookbinder and Mill Center in Hampden at dusk.’
    • ‘As with a lot of birds, chimney swift nestlings make a lot of racket when their parents arrive to feed them.’
    • ‘If you know the location of a chimney swift roost, consider participating in A Swift Night Out.’
    • ‘Thank you for succinctly stating the importance of chimneys needed for chimney swifts to nest.’
    • ‘The chimney swift is one of four regularly occurring species of swifts found in North America, the most common one found east of the Rockies.’