Definition of chillum in English:



  • 1A hookah.

    • ‘I personally knew somebody who was in the Afghanni hills with the Mujaheddin at the time of the late Civil War - he shared chillums with them when they were shelling Russian airplanes - mad one.’
    • ‘I sat down next to a local transvestite who offered me some chillum to smoke.’
    • ‘Justin sat silhouetted against the river bank, gaping at a bunch of Naga sadhus smoking chillum.’
    • ‘If your notion of nirvana is a chillum and a chill-out zone, you won't want to find yourself stranded in a resort full of retirees.’
    1. 1.1 A small pipe used for smoking cannabis.
      • ‘They are sitting on a log, munching on nachos, cracking open a few cans of Pnakotikmanuskriptenbrau and passing around a chillum full of industrial strength Moroccan slate.’’
      • ‘A couple of the photos show Buju burning his chillum pipe.’
      • ‘The chillum pipe passes from one hand to the other, welcomed eagerly by glazed eyes and parched lips, with that booming thanksgiving note, ‘Boom Shankar’!’
      • ‘Myself and about 6 or 7 close friends were all in Bruce's study with Tim, passing around my chillum filled with herb grown by my hands (a bit of gloating here).’
      • ‘There are also reports of how youngsters in Jammu city are being lured towards these chillum smoking sadhus who have free access to intoxicants.’


From Hindi cilam.