Definition of chilli con carne in English:

chilli con carne

Pronunciation: /ˌtʃɪli kɒn ˈkɑːni//ˌtʃɪli kɒn ˈkɑːneɪ/


  • [mass noun] A stew of minced beef and beans flavoured with chillies or chilli powder.

    • ‘That book, The Cuisines of Mexico, became a best-seller and taught a generation of Americans that Mexican food meant more than tacos, nachos and chilli con carne.’
    • ‘My mum always cooked me chilli con carne and curry.’
    • ‘When I cook, it's usually spaghetti, chili con carne, tacos or corn chip casserole.’
    • ‘Other main courses included chilli con carne, lasagne, chicken enchiladas and there was even a nod in the direction of healthy eating with some salmon steak.’
    • ‘Typical products affected by the alert are shepherd's pies, pasta bakes, cottage pies, chicken wings, sausage casseroles, pizzas, steak and kidney pies and chilli con carne.’
    • ‘She reckons about 50 per cent of what they produce is homemade - minced lamb hotpot, chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognese, that kind of stuff - plus a mean chicken pie.’
    • ‘Father Damian (our Catholic chaplain) very kindly cooked the dinner, consisting of chilli con carne or vegetable curry, followed by cake - on his birthday!’
    • ‘We noted chilli con carne, beef lasagne and Cornish pasties among the hot dishes.’
    • ‘Australia's rich, frothy, berry-sweet mouthwash will happily chase away a furious curry or chili con carne.’
    • ‘There have been dozens of warnings and recalls in recent years due to the substance finding its way into anything from pesto to chilli con carne.’
    • ‘Roast beef, fried chicken, chili con carne, chicken adobo: All are common menu items.’
    • ‘I find it enhances and extends a good chilli con carne when served wrapped in burritos.’
    • ‘Into the mains and there is a choice of Cumberland sausage, beef stew, beef stroganoff, spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne, Chinese style spare ribs and a chicken curry.’
    • ‘This is not your purist Texan no-tomato, no-bean chilli con carne, but a more domesticated, family-friendly old favourite for easy mid-week dining.’
    • ‘He tells us about the Cowboy culture and chili con carne and the San Antonio Chili’
    • ‘These are followed by salads, pastas, Mexican items including nachos, tacos, enchiladas and chili con carne and fajitas (chicken or beef, B.275-325).’
    • ‘I left the buffet with a plate overflowing with potato salad and chili con carne, and the hamburger sitting on top.’
    • ‘In N. America, ‘chile powder’ - also known as ‘Mexican’ or ‘Creole’ chile powder - is a spice mixture for making chili con carne, containing cumin, clove, and garlic powder as well as hot pepper.’
    • ‘They described the chilli con carne with tortilla chips as being ‘hearty meals’ - filling, and a great improvement on the starters.’
    • ‘It makes a good partner with strong flavours and substantial textures such as chilli con carne, chicken livers, wild boar and even barbecue sauce.’


From Spanish chile con carne, literally chilli pepper with meat.


chilli con carne

/ˌtʃɪli kɒn ˈkɑːni//ˌtʃɪli kɒn ˈkɑːneɪ/