Definition of chill someone's blood in English:

chill someone's blood


  • Horrify or terrify someone.

    ‘the screams coming from the house had chilled his blood’
    • ‘Does this chill your blood (as it does mine) or do you believe in the justified revenge of ‘an eye for an eye’?’
    • ‘She screamed, a long, shrill scream, one devoid of any hope, a scream that emptied her lungs and chilled Jevantze 's blood.’
    • ‘When her blindfold was removed the true identity of her captor chilled her blood.’
    • ‘The fear that must have chilled their blood, the horror and awe that rooted him to this spot in the middle of the road, was as powerful as the storm itself.’
    • ‘Just the sensation of these energies at work chilled her blood.’
    • ‘His heart pounded, his eyes widened, and an icy whisper chilled his blood.’
    • ‘The indignation spreads through his veins, chilling his blood.’
    • ‘The wind swept and howled around them, chilling their blood and making leaves hit their bodies and faces, as though it was trying to slow them down.’
    • ‘If the skulking figure made him suspicious, the scream that followed minutes later chilled his blood and threw him into action.’
    • ‘The very notion of stepping into the proverbial line of fire chilled her blood.’
    • ‘There was just enough light for me to make out his face, and he wore an expression of concern that nearly chilled my blood in my veins.’
    • ‘A wolf howled in the distance, only chilling his blood more.’
    • ‘A single thing in that pile chilled Melanie 's blood.’
    • ‘As for the smell of chlorinated water, it chills my blood to the bone.’
    • ‘And tales of the tight 2003 title climax will not chill this man 's blood.’
    • ‘The single gleam of wickedness in his eyes was enough to chill her blood.’
    • ‘Just the thought of it is enough to chill a man 's blood.’
    • ‘It chilled her blood to think how close Aunt Sally was, comfortably watching television, while not 20 feet away, Kait was on her hands and knees in the dark, fearing for her life.’
    • ‘I jumped down to the ground to meet her, fear chilling my blood.’
    • ‘Macbeth looked Schim in the eyes and smiled as he pushed back his hood to reveal his face, a sight which chilled Schim 's blood though he had seen it many times before.’
    scare, frighten, petrify, terrify, alarm, appal, disturb, disquiet, unsettle
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