Definition of child trafficking in English:

child trafficking


mass noun
  • The action or practice of illegally procuring and relocating children, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation.

    ‘child trafficking has become a worldwide concern in the past few years’
    • ‘I was wondering what can I do, as a regular citizen, about child trafficking?’
    • ‘The conference heard that there has been a huge increase in child trafficking to Ireland over the past five years.’
    • ‘In 1987, women's groups and many other social organizations began agitating to force the government to crack down on child trafficking.’
    • ‘He is currently working on a film for Unicef on child trafficking.’
    • ‘The woman who handled the supposed adoption in Indonesia is now in prison facing child trafficking charges.’
    • ‘Child trafficking persists because criminal syndicates are behind the illicit trade, tourism is sometimes involved, and victims often are afraid to come forward.’
    • ‘Mexican police have arrested 11 people in connection with child trafficking.’
    • ‘Child trafficking was a global crisis, with about 1.2 million being trafficked worldwide each year.’
    • ‘The ship's captain denied any involvement in child trafficking.’
    • ‘Child trafficking, exploitation of children in labour, sexual exploitation and child poverty are all on the increase.’
    • ‘Some countries have increased penalties for child trafficking.’
    • ‘In recent years, there has been evidence of child trafficking in most major UK cities, including Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds.’