Definition of child guidance in English:

child guidance


mass nounBritish
  • Care for psychologically or emotionally disturbed children, especially through counselling.

    • ‘Child psychiatry started as a community discipline in child guidance clinics.’
    • ‘We went to the child guidance clinic, and when we came out my mother said, ‘Well, God knows what all that was about.’’
    • ‘Facilities include special clinical services for epilepsy, child guidance, geriatric problems, neuropsychiatry, neurosis, alcoholism and drug addiction.’
    • ‘The dangers of over-protection were such that some child guidance workers believed that spoiled boys would be better off in institutional settings, where they could be weaned from maternal influences.’
    • ‘This model resulted in the formation of other child guidance clinics, such as the Judge Baker Guidance Center in Boston.’
    • ‘And there was a child guidance clinic where I used to go and sit in on the case conferences and the staff discussions, and it just opened up a huge world for me.’
    • ‘In nursery schools, kindergartens, and child guidance clinics, professionals sought to educate parents and steer children toward normalcy using science as a guide.’
    • ‘It currently runs a child guidance centre offering guidance for children with behavioural problems, learning backwardness and learning problems.’
    • ‘She had sessions with a child psychiatrist, found sympathetic helpers, and eventually moved to England where she found secretarial work at a child guidance clinic in Oxford.’
    • ‘He has been seen by a child psychiatrist who recommended on-going child guidance therapy.’
    • ‘If he needs a child guidance clinic, there is something wrong with him which must be cured.’
    • ‘This followed almost four decades of experience working with families and children in foster and adoptive homes, residential treatment facilities, and child guidance clinics.’