Definition of child benefit in English:

child benefit


mass noun
  • (in the UK) regular payment by the state to the parents of a child up to a certain age.

    ‘child benefit will go up to £10 a week’
    • ‘They will be able to assist people with pension, child benefit and grant applications.’
    • ‘So, I send back all the forms saying I don't earn anything except child benefit and tax credits.’
    • ‘The cornerstone of child support in Scotland, child benefit, continues.’
    • ‘For all families with overall incomes of £50,000 or less the Child Tax Credit with child benefit will be £1,400 a year.’
    • ‘The Post Office wishes to assure its customers that they can continue collecting pensions, child benefit and other benefits from the Post Office.’
    • ‘These included record welfare payment increases, especially in pensions and child benefit.’
    • ‘Take your pick among child benefit, children's tax credit, working families tax credit and childcare tax credits.’
    • ‘To that end, child benefit payments to all parents regardless of income will level off once promised increases are met.’
    • ‘We are projecting healthy profits from next year on, so I think we will be able to save much of our child benefit payments from then.’
    • ‘If both of you have jobs in the south, child benefit will continue to be paid by the Department of Social and Family Affairs here.’
    • ‘With no tax credit payments, she says she is making do with child benefit to get by.’
    • ‘Immigrants to Britain who do get work will be eligible for child benefit and tax credits immediately.’
    • ‘There will, however, be increases in a range of social welfare payments, particularly child benefit.’
    • ‘Payment of child benefit until the completion of full-time education would effectively entail the abolition of the age condition.’
    • ‘He was therefore eligible for income support, housing benefit and child benefit on the same conditions as a British citizen.’
    • ‘One said he was paying €9,000 a year in childcare but the cost would remain high to parents even with increased child benefit payments.’
    • ‘Many parents choose to save their child benefit.’
    • ‘The current administration has opted for child benefit instead of tax relief to help parents.’
    • ‘For example, not every government pays out child benefit to parents.’
    • ‘Every week, the family receives £482 income support and £71 child benefit.’


child benefit