Definition of chigoe in English:



  • another term for chigger (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘Sailors traveling with Columbus in 1492 suffered chigoe flea infestation while in Haiti and probably were the first to introduce it to Europe.’
    • ‘He's blasé about all the usual stuff - typhoid fever, malaria, chigoes, bots, scabies, and leeches.’
    • ‘The chigoe leaps an incredible distance to attach itself to the victim's body, and then burrows under the skin to feed.’
    • ‘The ‘committee’ sat on rough logs, ranged on the sand in the open building; and we had carefully to examine our feet for chigoes and exterminate them after each sitting.’
    • ‘This widespread myth has its origin in the southern states where pests with similar names such as jigger flea or the chigoes do attack by burrowing under skin.’


Mid 17th century: from French chique, from a West African language.