Definition of chiffonier in English:



  • 1British A low cupboard either used as a sideboard or with a raised bookshelf on top.

    • ‘Even the double-curved crown felt still rested on the chiffonier.’
    • ‘The seasonable nature of the trade led to the production of much more ambitious pieces of furniture such as tables, cabinets, bureaux and chiffoniers.’
    • ‘First of all I was ushered into a spacious and well furnished apartment, on one side of which there stood a handsome mahogany case with sliding panels, mounted on a chiffonier.’
    cabinet, cupboard, bureau, sideboard
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  • 2North American A tall chest of drawers.

    • ‘There is an inlaid Victorian display cabinet, an inlaid serpentine chest and an Edwardian chiffonier.’
    • ‘There was the marble-topped chiffonier - their mother had set store by it, they could not remember why.’
    • ‘The chiffonier shown in Plate VI was cleaned for an early exhibition, removing most of the green stain and making Murphy's river landscape panels much more prominent than they were intended to be.’
    • ‘She got up and put on a robe that had been draped over her chiffonier.’
    • ‘Ruhlmann rarely used straight lines, preferring gentle curves that were technically difficult to make, such as the bowed front and sloping top on the chiffonier shown in Plate IX.’


Mid 18th century: from French chiffonnier, chiffonnière, literally ‘ragpicker’, also denoting a chest of drawers for odds and ends.