Definition of chief petty officer in English:

chief petty officer


  • A rank of non-commissioned officer in a navy, above petty officer and below warrant officer or senior chief petty officer.

    • ‘Inside, the chief petty officer's mess was a shambles.’
    • ‘Every chief petty officer in the command is enrolled in school, or has just recently received a degree.’
    • ‘Those concepts developed by the senior enlisted panel included the following statement that defines who and what a chief petty officer is and the core competencies common to all chief petty officers.’
    • ‘The new vessel has been configured with six-man cabins for junior rates and four-man cabins for petty officers and chief petty officers.’
    • ‘These super Sailors were chosen from the ‘best of the best,’ and as such, were meritoriously promoted to the rank of chief petty officer.’
    • ‘Jordan, who is eligible for promotion to chief petty officer this year, said the award makes staying in the Navy all the sweeter.’
    • ‘Speaking of advancements, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate the newest class of chief petty officers.’
    • ‘The hardest workers among you may become chief petty officers, warrant officers and commissioned officers.’
    • ‘He spoke to officers and chief petty officers about encouraging retention from men and women who choose a ‘lifestyle of service’ by adding value to their efforts and keeping promises as leaders.’
    • ‘When a man pulled a handgun on another man outside a nightclub in Glasgow, the chief petty officer unflinchingly stepped in to defuse the situation - which immediately became a great deal worse.’
    • ‘A new method of delivering leadership training to chief petty officers is now part of the continual growth and development of Sailors.’
    • ‘The chief petty officer decided to collect bits and pieces of foreign currency when he heard the Royal National Lifeboat Institution could convert the loose change into sterling to boost their coffers.’
    • ‘Goal oriented, he has earned his associates degree at sea through the PACE program but remains focused on finishing his bachelors' degree and making chief petty officer.’
    • ‘From the fresh recruits to the four chief petty officers in the team, all the team members involved themselves in the work.’
    • ‘He was on temporary duty aboard the Pueblo, assigned after another chief petty officer could not make the trip.’
    • ‘‘Direct hit, starboard side ventral hull,’ the chief petty officer at the damage control console reported.’
    • ‘On some ships, a few quick-thinking chief petty officers barricaded themselves and their men in vital areas, securing watertight doors against the invaders.’
    • ‘I am a lieutenant on sea duty, and she is a chief petty officer on shore duty.’
    • ‘My current goal is to become the very best chief petty officer that I can be.’
    • ‘For example, did you know that as early as 1804, there was a chief petty officer serving in the ship of war Queen Charlotte who was both black and female?’


chief petty officer