Definition of chicken run in English:

chicken run


  • An enclosed area in which chickens may move freely in the open.

    ‘you must have a chicken run to protect the garden from the hens’
    • ‘The centre is also planning a chicken run and has started laying the foundation.’
    • ‘Today I fixed a chicken run so the door can be opened with ease.’
    • ‘A fox had gotten into one of the chicken runs and killed a mother hen and five of her chicks.’
    • ‘Rabbit hutches and chicken runs should be clean at all times, so that waste food does not fall out onto the ground to encourage rats.’
    • ‘The house was purpose-built with a heated swimming pool, deluxe kitchen, and, in the garden, a chicken run.’
    • ‘When eggs hatched, we moved the mother and chicks into a chicken run.’
    • ‘I fixed up the chicken run this morning with a new roof that is so fox-proof; it's like Fort Knox.’
    • ‘We struggled to fence a vegetable plot on a sloping, overgrown former chicken run.’
    • ‘She announced that she'd opened up the chicken runs to let them out.’
    • ‘Councillors voted to give the owner one month to remove the sheds, rabbit hutches, chicken run, and an exercise area for her horses.’