Definition of chicken brick in English:

chicken brick


  • An earthenware container for roasting a chicken in its own juices.

    • ‘The kitchen ware collection includes pots for storing potatoes, bread crocks and chicken bricks that miraculously self-baste and tenderise the meat.’
    • ‘Brush the chicken with a little chili oil and place in a roasting tin (or you can use a soaked chicken brick with chicken stock added to fill the brick to about 2 inches / 5 cm).’
    • ‘Put the chicken brick in the oven and occupy the next two hours in drinking the rest of the wine with friends.’
    • ‘Terracotta is mostly used unglazed for items like chicken bricks, tandoori ovens and potato bakers.’
    • ‘Thoughts of Alvaro and chicken bricks take me back to when the Kings Road was a highway to heaven.’