Definition of chickaree in English:



  • A squirrel with red fur, found in the coniferous forests of North America.

    Genus Tamiasciurus, family Sciuridae: three species

    • ‘The trail rambles gently through dry lodgepoles alive with chickarees and golden-mantled ground squirrels.’
    • ‘The foliage, bark, and seeds provide food for black bears, Douglas chickarees, and gray squirrels.’
    • ‘Watch for small mammals such as chickarees, marmots, and rock and golden-mantled ground squirrels.’
    • ‘Waking up in a bed, in a room, was strangely silent; no birds, no chickarees, no creek rushing by.’
    • ‘Also known as pine squirrels and chickarees, these rodents are known primarily for their constant chatter.’
    • ‘Once the chipmunk had retreated, the dominant chickaree took over the piles of cones beneath the white pine and guarded his treasure vigilantly.’


Early 19th century: imitative of its call.