Definition of Chichewa in English:



  • another term for Nyanja (the language)
    • ‘It contains many words that are similar to those in other Bantu languages such as Bemba, Chichewa, and Luyana.’
    • ‘In the second section, John Fenn examines the Malawian hip hop scene, relating the ways youths strive to express themselves in both English and Chichewa as they generate and interpret the ‘messages’ and meanings of rap music.’
    • ‘English and Chichewa were made the national languages of Malawi by Dr. Banda's government.’
    • ‘There are still many without such books, and many more whose lack of adequate English means they need literature translated into the national Chichewa language.’
    • ‘They anchored this explanation in their belief that more people speak Chichewa than English, and further posited that the importance of the message they wanted to convey warranted communication in Chichewa.’