Definition of chicha in English:



mass noun
  • (in South and Central America) a kind of beer made typically from maize.

    • ‘He became angry and threw a glass of chicha in her face.’
    • ‘For example, in the Andean region of South America chicha is traditionally made from pulverized corn.’
    • ‘They were expected to spin and weave, pasture llamas and alpacas, work in the fields, gather firewood, make chicha (corn beer), cook, and clean the house.’
    • ‘Salvador argued that when he asked for chicha, the women in the chicheria, and a man he did not know, chased him out, threw rocks at him, and beat him with sticks.’
    • ‘Usually they celebrate with generous quantities of a fermented drink called chicha, which is often made from corn.’
    • ‘Neighbors are offered chicha, cigarettes, and food in return for their help in the construction of a new home.’
    • ‘Both spouses had been drinking chicha all day long.’
    • ‘Even at 1-3% alcohol content, 10 litres is a lot of chicha.’
    • ‘Native people of Amazonia and the Sierra prepare chicha, a brew made from manioc and maize, respectively.’
    • ‘In some areas chicha was believed to cure bronchitis, colds, and other chest ills as well as to accelerate the birth process - it was the Bolivian equivalent of chicken soup.’
    • ‘Along the track's edges the older women sit in line, tending their cooking fires, selling home-grown produce or ladling out mugs of chicha, the milky maize beer brewed only the night before and still fermenting.’
    • ‘Our guide wants us to see a local chicharia, a place that sells chicha (corn beer).’
    • ‘As I passed a doorway, someone grabbed me by the elbow and dragged me inside, commanding, ‘Buy chicha!’’
    • ‘First they drink the chicha, then they kill the cows and goats, and then the brawling and stone throwing - and sometimes the killing - begins.’
    • ‘Yesterday's winners were loitering about, looking hopeful, but the chicha had given us bellyaches, and it was time to go.’
    • ‘They involve music, dancing, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages such as chicha, brewed from corn.’
    • ‘Its claim to fame is chicha, a homemade corn drink akin to moonshine, and the chicherria is a cavernous adobe barn with chickens and roosters strutting freely among the tables.’
    • ‘These men mingled late at night in Sucre's chicha taverns after the lesser customers were shooed out.’


American Spanish, from Kuna.