Definition of chic in English:



  • Elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

    ‘she looked every inch the chic Frenchwoman’
    • ‘The self-deprecating menu says it wants to be a chic bistro, but it has the feel of a smart cafe.’
    • ‘A simple way to create a chic look without spending a lot of money is to add new accessories or change your hairstyle.’
    • ‘The chic models took to the catwalk, immaculately dressed in this season's top styles.’
    • ‘The classy curls, gels, trendy perms, and chic colours have not seemed to inspire us!’
    • ‘The clothes were very lady-like and slightly old fashioned, and not in the chic way.’
    • ‘The chic shops and bars, and above all the fast pace of life, reinforce the sense that London is the centre of the universe.’
    • ‘It is a huge restaurant, an enormous disco, a bar and a chic club all rolled into one.’
    • ‘The tasting area looks more like a chic New York bar, with its backlit bottles and sophisticated decor.’
    • ‘The liveliest restaurant scene is in the city centre, where many chic eateries have sprung up in recent years.’
    • ‘She was even more chic than usual with a new, shorter hair style she had gotten on a recent trip to Cairo.’
    • ‘The management of this chic Fifth Avenue fashion store had dared to rearrange the artist's installation.’
    • ‘Here is my fundamental issue with the world of, well, chic living.’
    • ‘The collection is very chic, luxurious, formal and rich but in a sharp, simple and modern way.’
    • ‘Should I consult with a chic stylist and pay gobs of money to plot a hair strategy for the big day?’
    • ‘Bunker is chic and arty without being too pretentious, and its friendly, laid-back vibe is infectious.’
    • ‘She suggests wearing them as close to the hairline as possible for a chic look.’
    • ‘No other country in the world, they say, has such a dazzling array of chic fashion on offer.’
    • ‘Her Desdemona is played as a very chic Italian lady, effortlessly fashionable, as so many Italians are.’
    • ‘It isn't quite the place it once was, though it still pulls in a chic clientele.’
    • ‘No student bedroom wall or chic wine bar is complete without one.’
    stylish, smart, elegant, sophisticated, dapper, debonair, dashing, trim, tasteful, understated, attractive, flattering
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mass noun
  • Stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind.

    ‘the hotel's lobby and restaurant are the height of designer chic’
    • ‘His clothes are an example of how young designers emphasize chic yet maintain an urban sensibility.’
    • ‘These mostly 20-somethings are a million miles away from gilded superclubbers and heroin chic.’
    • ‘Our executive double room was the height of chic, kitted out with lots of lush goodies to keep us happy.’
    • ‘Browns is for those who prefer their countryside retreat served up with urban chic rather than ancestral grandeur.’
    • ‘It is just one of the properties that now offer the height of chic at distinctively low prices.’
    • ‘Not only is this digital music player the height of consumer chic, it's also stunningly practical.’
    • ‘The effect is dramatic, a superb blend of Old World glamour and contemporary chic.’
    • ‘I deemed it futile to explain to him the punk-grunge influence on post-material chic.’
    • ‘It is a deliberate attempt to be different, a blatant statement that the cars are for the discerning driver who loves designer chic.’
    • ‘But it is the association with Italian chic that gives them most appeal.’
    • ‘Be bold and brash in your grunge gear with loop earrings and big bangles or add chic to your feet by returning to the simple pointed court shoe or stiletto.’
    • ‘The matching ring with a single chestnut-cut stone is the ultimate in stylish chic.’
    • ‘Her chic usually includes grungy jeans with a little sparkly something on top.’
    • ‘It's very New York, where people wear expensive casual chic to work then go straight out to a bar and get trashed on Cosmopolitans.’
    • ‘A recent refurb has transformed this hotel into the height of contemporary chic.’
    • ‘Suddenly, he's the older man and those grey hairs speak years, rather than designer chic.’
    • ‘Other party plants are not content with such underground chic.’
    • ‘This could be the crystallizing moment in the nationwide trend towards dork chic.’
    • ‘He studied computing, and had a certain air of geek chic about him.’
    • ‘By day, gliding down the catwalk or presenting one of the world's most famous faces to the camera, she is the epitome of modern chic.’
    flair, stylishness, smartness, elegance, grace, gracefulness, poise, polish, suaveness, sophistication, urbanity, chic, finesse, panache, flourish, taste
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Mid 19th century: from French, probably from German Schick ‘skill’.