Definition of Chibchan in English:



mass noun
  • A language family of Colombia and Central America, most members of which are now extinct or nearly so.

    • ‘The language of the Cunas belongs to the Chibchan group of languages.’
    • ‘Both the Sumu and Miskito languages are derived from the Chibchan Indian language family of South America.’
    • ‘Here is the subtree for Chibchan.’
    • ‘Some Chibchan languages still survive in Colombia and Central America.’
    • ‘Some of these families, such as Uto-Aztecan, overlap into North America, and others, such as Chibchan and Maipurean, extend from South America into Middle America.’
    • ‘The peoples who lived in the area where the balls are found were Chibchan speakers.’


  • Relating to Chibchan.