Definition of Chianina in English:



  • An animal of a very large white breed of cattle, kept for its lean meat.

    • ‘Examples are the French Charolais, Limousin, Simmental, and Blonde d' Aquitaine, the Italian Chianina, and the Belgian Blue.’
    • ‘When they compared cows by breed of sire, the ranking order was Maine Anjou, Chianina, Brahman, and Simmental.’
    • ‘Other successful farmer-owned brands include those found in cheese production such as Parmesan, lentil production in Castelluccio, Chianina ground beef, Champagne, and olive oil from several different ‘ideal’ locations.’
    • ‘It's no surprise that beef features prominently in Tuscany, considering that it's home to the Chiana Valley (near the center of Italy), home of the Chianina steer.’
    • ‘Gregory et al. reported that progeny of Red Poll, Hereford, and Angus sires had significantly lighter birth weights, less calving difficulty, and greater survival to weaning than progeny of Maine Anjou, Chianina, and Gelbvieh sires.’


From Italian.